Frank Kern’s MassControlGiveAway preview review

One Thing I love about MassControl’s Frank Kern, is his endeavor to convince you not to give up!


This MassControlGiveaway-Preview-Review brought to you by One Person On A Mission!

So why did I post a boat load of articles featuring
reviews of Frank Kern?

Uh, Hello!??!? To get you HERE, of course, in fact
I ran a tribute video preview of something I found
quite interesting…

Well, lets face it.. Kern has done it again.
If anyone can corner viral marketing it’s Frank.

In fact I’m just blatantly gonna write this review
without even being an affliate to try to get you to buy
from niether Frank or myself.. [[THAT'S CHANGED!]]

Well.. hell that ain’t true now is it, I want you to get
to know me first and then I’ll help you with what ever
I’m selling.

Kern certainly has some pearls of wisdom which only come
from “back against the wall” senarios which beg for action.

I have studied this anomoly and have used it successfully
to get your attention to this page, so it obviously works.

My friend by association Jason Moffatt is crushing the Gurus
namely because he is one himself, on a more humble stature.
Which is something you wouldn’t attribute to this marketing
genius. But he is the king of small list big results.

At hundreds of thousands in a single week? I guess you can
say Jason holds his own in his territory.

But getting back to Frank if you pay attenion to this promotion
you will learn a great many things. This is a science.

Excellence comes from experience and leveraging.

WHO doesn’t want to be famous?
WHO doesn’t want an emphatic following?
WHO doesn’t want to hit a rabid market with killer content?

So, introduce yourself to your market.
Make nice nice with the presentation and befriend your visitors.
Be yourself, in this hard pressed climate? Phonies and posers
are seen and recognized as such in less than 2 seconds.

So check this out

That Video Did Wonders For

I had top secret SEO information on this site which raised the bars and really crushed the enigines.

Here’s The Proof That Landed Me In Franks Kindness.






How to Focus on Making a Killing at Internet Traffic Marketing

Focus on Traffic: plain and simple.Focus On UnderGroundTrafficMasters

Warining: This post won’t stay here very long and will only be available for subscibers only.

Link building & What the hell’s a linkwheel anyways.

Sometimes you simply can’t get traffic free unless its from a linkwheel..

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve wound up on pos3 pg1 of the serp in hours from one blog post with a simple PR1 site in hours.. Doesn’t stay unless I campaign to keep it there though.. So, the heavier weight the PR sites you have going back to your main target site
the less continuous maintenance you’ll have to do..

That being said.. This is a mix of black and white.. cause if this much work is involved ya just simply gotta give yourself some credit for the effort right?

One-five Keyword Phrase [

1. get the properties [see linkwheel explained]
2. get the content [preferably well spun original] Always longtail phrases..
3. post the content to the site[s] [no links at all] 1-2 posts/24 hrs.
4. ping & wait
5. after 24hrs bookmark 10-20 per every 3-6hrs
6. wait at least few hrs then ping the bookmarks [found that out 4x-mas]

Now you’re indexed, and updates have no penalty, where links raise flags cloaked or uncloaked.. preferably cloaked from what I’m seeing these dayz..

6a. Now put the links in there..

7. Get the RSS feeds collected
8. Get those articles that start showin in the serps into the article directories
drip fashion.. make it appear to be going viral.. ping and bookmark those directory submissions.. start small, unless your going for affiliate launch then go for the burn and blaze all the sites afterwards no looking back.. [with links inserted]

9. Now get that article, and read it into an audio..
10. Post that audio to podcast sites
11. Get the RSS feeds collected
12. Take that audio and pump it into a video with 1slide or be as creative as you wish..
13. Post the audio to the video sharing sites..[tubemogul?][find TGProfiler 1st]
14. Get the RSS feeds collected
15. Um you are pinging and bookmarking the last 2 pcs of media like before. Okay?
17. Gather all the rss feeds and start aggregating them.. [baddass? or submitterbot]

Craziest thing I keep seeing is people put the darn articles into the directories and then think thats all they should do.. uh-uh.. make em work.. those directroies are dead unless breathed life into them..

Start with the normal, EA directory.. get approved 1st..
Then after 24hrs submit that article to the other directories

This is a relatively small wheel you want to start with.. 10-20 sites max per/phrase.
Now get the audio & video and insert those into the ranking sites and P&BM with
a slight vengence.. If you have created the a/v already? Get those into the web2.o properties.. after all they are 2.o for a reason.. Keyphrase every piece of media on the sites the same or as close to the same…

Get creative even more.. Photosharing has skyrocketed.. don’t kill reddit they’re
going down since we over did it like everything else we do ;p

Get those pics into the sharing sites and repeat above, and get those
same images pulled into your web2.o sites..

Now circle or tree the links so they give gravity to a good mini-site[s]
or content blog.. Build PageRank on ur site, not any web2.0 property site.. that isn’t yours.

Mix it up.. and have fun.. kick som ass while your at it..
Remember where you are.. all the tools are available to you to automate
what would seemingly be the most daunting tasks performed..

Properties = Network RealEsate He who 0wns the most property wins.

Aggressive marketing wins every everytime.. pick a big market and a sizable niche.

Take yer time.. you can own pages of your KW-phrase in the serps.
Within a month you’ll be seeing some traffic to your offer and you can start testing the conversions.. within 3 months? You’ll be doing 10x the amount of wheels.. Some ppl do it for you here.. damn worth the few bucks they charge too..

I don’t claim to be a knowing body of knowledge, and most of what I know I’ve gotten from 2 seo mentors I  freakin paid dearly for it too, if you find I missed something hella ya! tell me.. I gotz no ego here.. learning for a living am I. 4evr & evr amen.