Fears are not facts_Words of Wisdom from Brian Tracy

Whats holding you back?

I feel like a motivational speaker, but let me tell you.

  • You’ve done all the work.
  • You bought all the books,
  • You watched all the videos.
  • You listened to all the audios
  • You worked on all the workbooks.

And yet you’re reading this and saying to yourself “This guys a crock!”

Why and how do I know that? Uh lets see… Because I was where you are sitting right now.

And I said and did the same darn things. And I got the same damn place you are rght now.

Okay well, maybe a few of you anyway, I do get a good load of friends who read my rant cause they just think I’m a nut and once in a while I drop something they haven’t heard in a while or at all.

Here’s what I have to say. Get passed the fears, cause too many of these marketing information products just plain freakin work, “plain and simple”. The problem is not in the product, its in the action.

If the product and process is not acted upon its not gonna work. And you aint gonna get paid.

Here’s the plan.. watch this, do like he says. And GO!!!

Heck if I can get a response from “THE” John Carlton, you can do even more…

  1. Comment by Dan L. | 09/04/08 at 7:58 pm

    Hows this John?
    The un-shakeable desire to do What We Want To Do?
    Not whatever we want to do or even when ever we want to do it.

    But, being able to finally do “WHAT” WE Want To Do!

    Like for example: I finally have the ability to do What I want to do.
    Move my family
    Stay around and enjoy my kids.
    Be altruistic and do some service without worries.
    Lock myself away for a while, get out and be with friends for a while, all guilt free times of getting to do WHAT I WANT TO DO!
    Etc.. name your wants “here___”
    Any points?

    John Carlton replies:

    Nope. Close, though…