1. Courtship —Marketing or Marriage?


I’m off to take the little one to Hershey, Pa. for a few days of no electronic contact…

And fun fun fun…

I wanted to share something I thought was pretty interesting…

Its all about the relationships you build with your subscibers, clients and prospects. Most of you agree, but many won’t tell you that its more like a courtship..

You put your best foot forward, have your best demeaner in place and you woo with your charming personality even if you dont have one… [like me]… heh..

And you keep this courtship going throughout the sales cycle and long afterwards.

This is why many marriages fail after the courtship, because one or the other or both stop servicing the sale.

And, believe it or not as soon as you wane on your efforts in this courtship? There’s always someone there to pick up the broken hearted and woo them with inferior products and services but a glimmering smile with dazzling white teeth and a slick back hairdo that makes the Valdez disaster look like a puddle under your volvo.

But, be sure, this will work on your hard earned courtship.

We have to stay engaged and use every medium at our disposal to do so. You can be sure your competition will be touting your inferiority while praising your ability to obtain their relationship… Sneaky little Bastrds..

So, I’ll leave you with that to dwell on; Respect the courtship and service the sale.

As Zig mentioned in “secrets of closing the sale” This country I live in is not called the US of Columbus. Primarily because Christopher did not service the sale…

And Amerigo did…

Happy Sunday Folks…

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Just Freakin Say Hello God D$#^&#!!!!

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Hey guys,

Dan Lopez here,
I recently made an acqaintance
on the marketing forums I can’t say enough about.
If any of you have read my post on Clayton’s blog?

Then you can understand why I resonated with this guy.

Jason Moffat’s EasyVideoSales

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What Are You Waiting for?

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I gave you guys an awesome resource for Video University.
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And if you want to get your self and or your company
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Then EasyVideoSales will take you to places you would
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Jason Moffat is the author and a comedic genius who
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Don’t walk, RUN and get over there because its going down
and won’t be available again for a long time.

Trust me, he gave me an insiders view, “thank you” and I’m going
to be posting videos like never before in the coming months.

Not that I’m much to look at, mind you, but hey.. have you
seen whos on video these days? We are a great bunch of
humans for sure… If they can watch misty blue unattractive
blond staring at her PC doing absolutely nuthin but stuffing
her face? ……….No offense there misty..

Wouldn’t they be more interested in how you can help them?
Of course.. No brainer… Don’t forget to check out the super
Ninja techniques he shares which had me baffled for hours.


If you can tolerate me? Your gonna love this guy.

Just view Jason’s blog if you have the stuff…

All the best

John Reese The friend of many, Returns..

Dan Lopez here, I wanted to say…

“Happy Fouth to my Continental friends in the States”

And extend our garatitude to everyone else abroad!

We just ran a few webinars on implimenting a 5 step strategy
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Trust me, there are more people breaking in to marketing
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Well, little did most people know that John has been quietly
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Here at Goldbar.. Er,,,scratch that, forget I wrote that…
I sound like a pompous windbag commercial..

Marc has been friends with John since before his famous
day. These types of relationships don’t dissolve over night.
They are cultivated and strengthened with time.

John is known for over delivering on quality and content. I
just can’t say enough for the guy… I personally, am not a
fan of too many people in the marketing arena.


So, instead of hyping you to death,, here’s the dirt..
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I think you have to sign up for the second, but its a
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John, never goes small, when it comes to his product.
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No one regrets John’s courses, Ever…

Ok that was hypee, but it is completely true.
Why you still reading Go.. I urge you.


Enjoy the show and…
To your success,

Dan Lopez
Promotions Manager