The Method Is The Madness!

Hey there,

Dan again–eh who else would it be?

Here’s a Part 2 that should be read for those who continue to
think this is all BS.. Do your homework, take your lumps, make
your sacrifices, don’t give up and for God’s sake have a better
damn outlook on your future and stop bitching.

If you look at anyone who’s made it, they didn’t do it in a day and some haven’t
done in it in a few years, but they did it.. Nothings free,
nothings easy… Selling is Simple [Not Easy].

Just Do It!!!

Hey Dave sorry for the delay,
there’s been a lot going on..
Let’s think about your comments…
Since you wish to thread the comments I’ll follow suit. wrote:

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your message.

I checked your site… looks good… Don’t know if we can push it though
gotta be honest… it could use some work in the adcopy area…

Yes, I know. But I’m not good for writing sales letters, and as I said in my own, most of the time I don’t read them. I think for most people it’s rather a waste of time. And I don’t have any money to give to a “pro” to write me a killing sales letter now :-(

Actually, this is a common error.. Sales Copy is EVERYTHING.. along with
good quality content services and products, you are offering all the rest aren’t you?

Well, how are they gonna know unless you show them?
Copy allows that medium to come forth and enhances the experience for the
prospect… Right now, since you say Sales letters are a waste of time…
We have to remember..WE are not the prospect… We are not the Worlds opinion.
So, if you don’t take that approach you are basically selling to yourself.
And based on that assumption
1. You’ll only sell to people like you [reducing your income right from the beginning]
That being said lets think this through..
2. Is your sales page something YOU would buy or join right now no questions asked?
3. If not why not?

We are just another distraction among the billions of distractions our prospects
are looking and dealing with everyday… Why should they care or
be interested in what we have to offer them?
We have to get that into their head that we are genuinely here, not to solely
make a buck. But to enhance and enrich their lives with what we can do for them
And to solve their problems and bring solutions to their turmoiled lives.

Copy is not impossible, it does take time and it does require patience and fortitude.

But the payoffs are enormous…As for getting someone to write your copy and the costs?
I personally joined forums for every portion of my businesses…
In this I joined copy writing forums, marketing forums, and affiliate forums.
They are quite the trove of information…. Yes they are also time consuming
looking for that one missing piece of the puzzle, but its further along than if I was
alone in my efforts. Also its where we can find others and strike a deal in our efforts.
So say I need copy.. I offer a deal and get results, test the efforts and pay the
writer appropriately based on the initial agreement.. Usually this is a percentage of the sales…
I think it more than fair since I would not have the results otherwise..

Google them, find them, I believe I even have offered one or two in the past 6 months..
I was hesitating on showing THIS bit of info, but its totally worth the giving to help
This site is top notch…and not very well known to the general public,
for what you want to do.

Eh, a word to the wise.. it is very addicting as the resources are almost innumerable… They have awards up the wazoo and rightly so.

Mimic that, improve and be better is the goal always. This strategy is the way
mega movers and shakers operate.

Also… when submitting for a JV.. there are important details to cover…

Yes, but I don’t have any stat as the site is just launching.

Still, no one wants to be the guinea pig for someones efforts..

A lengthy process but free is to push your product via SEO campaigns…
Or join a list renter and buy a few hundred to a thousand to ten thousand
addresses and start your own focus groups…

I didn’t hear good things about buying visitors or names like that.
Do you use these techniques? Do you have some good and serious addresses to give me?

Again I didn’t here anything about the SEO portion… So I won’t go there now..
But if you want to pay …
Exerpt Couertesy of Traffic University.. thanks Carlos… A Google search would provide this also..

Ad Networks
Valueclick Media
Casale Media
Tribal Fusion
CPX Interactive
24/7 Real Media
Blue Lithium
Dedicated Networks
SpecificMedia, Inc.
Ad Pepper Media Vendare Media-TMP Burst Media
Adteractive, Inc.
Ampere Media LLC
Aptimus, Inc.
Claria, Inc.
Motive Interactive
OfferFusion, Inc.
Revenue Science
SilverCarrot, Inc.
Undertone Networks
ValueClick, Inc.
VentureDirect Worldwide


And then….there’s

CPA Networks

rowise LevelClick
Affiliate Fuel
Affiliate Summit, Inc.
Clash Media Advertising
IncentaClick Media Group
Intarev Affiliate Network
Internet Media Affiliates
Neverblue Media Inc.
Commission Junction
RO Wise
Primary Ads
Neverblue Ads
Value Click

Don’t say I never gave you anything…
I have not done the list buying thing as I agree with you.. but paid advertising done right?
That I do.

Other than that I won’t refer anyone to List Renting or Buying sites as
results are always different for everyone… And I refuse to be responsible for
unsuccessful referrals…

Thank you for your advices.


No thank you… this is helping me immensely retrain and ingrain my current
knowledge base…


Incoming search terms:

Frank Kern_Lazy Ultra Underachiever or Genious Internet Marketer

Lead In: I’ve been chatting on and off with Jason for a while since he re-lauched his site. Since then I have been on a masters of marketing kick.
Studying the greats. And I’m having great success modeling the Under, or should I say
Over-UnderAchievers in the IM world.

I’m an Email marketer, for “who have disclaimed anything I ever say in public ;-)

You may not know this but, I have a reach as deep into the hudreds of thousands.
Not to mention our Affiliates and JV Partners. So I really have to be on point when we
send something out. Its also the reason why this blog has such an unrefined design.

Jason may be one of the wakiest nuts in the bunch, but in his
own light Jason is also one of the most ingenious marketers today.

And I give him great honor and respect for that.

And so, I wanted to share an article I found, that he wrote sometime back.

Its just good stuff.
So, without further ado, I give you Jason “Profit” Moffatt;


Frank Kern and Ed Dale have coined the term “Underachiever” very
effectively during the last year. What is a Underachiever many ask?

This can be best described by saying this: “A Underachiever is one
who does the least amount of work, yet reaps the most amount of
benefits for that lack of work”.

It doesn’t get any better then that, don’t you agree? However,
nobody is fooled into thinking that the Underachiever method
allows you to push 2 or 3 buttons and head off to the local
Saloon while the email you sent out is making you millions.

I’ll admit, the Underachiever process does take a bit of work.
But the second you compare it to slaving away on a construction
site, it seems like effortless child’s play.

Frank Kern has definitely taken Underachieving to a whole new
level. His approach to niche marketing has been aped by too
many to mention in the internet marketing community, and
wisely so. This Underachiever process really works. People
would not be jocking his style so hard if it were not effective.

Good old Frank “Superbad” Kern has taught me a insanely valuable
lesson in the last few days. That lesson has been about
prioritizing my time. Read more

So You Have A PLR Site?

Hey There,
Sorry for the late response, been out of town
visiting family..
I checked your site… looks good… Don’t know if we can push it though
gotta be honest… it could use some work in the adcopy area…
I won’t leave you with that though…
A decent similar site is

Look at that sales page.. Its not earth shattering, but its defined…
Short and sweet like yours and in the same venue…

PLR’s MRR’s are their own niche, targeted for new marketers…
I really should consider doing a survey for that..
yes you can steal that thought if you wish..

Also… when submitting for a JV.. there are important details to cover…
What are the current stats?
What are you’re conversion rates?
Say I send you 100 people.. how many of those can you convert to buyers?
Same if I send you 1000 visitors?
You should know these from testing your salespages..
To testing your sales letters and email campaigns…

A lengthy process but free, is to push your product via SEO campaigns…
Or join a list renter and buy a few hundred to a thousand to ten thousand
addresses and start your own focus groups…

If your totally familiar then go for the PPC campaigns,,, but
one can and do lose their shirt in these as they are not fully
proficient in the way they are handled by the agency they use whether
its google or anyone else…

I thought this marketing gig was a no brainer before I started
And in some instances… It is.
But that Totally depends on the product and the market you choose
to get into.

These are important when offering or requesting an endorsement..
As you have seen we do on occasion promote fellow subscribers
if they have some decent numbers.. In fact we try to give them a boost as well..
Actually we get flooded with requests from our subscribers and clients [daily]

I honestly thought this request deserved some direction

Its not about the money,,,necessarily.. its about the relationship…
Actually its almost always about the relationship…
Win/Win …

Here’s a ton of words every marketer should know… I actually glomed this from Erics Tips

I enjoy his writing and think highly of his desire to help the new marketer get a feel for the marketing world Along with Andy Beard’ Marketing Pilgrim who’s been around for quite a while… wth as many subscribers as Any and Eric have I don’t think you could go wrong..

Anything else I can help you with please feel free to give me a shout…

Oh and here’s those ton of words we should all know or get to know…

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All the best